Hip Hop – Old School vs. New School

A Change in Hip-Hop

Mainstream Hip Hop music has changed over time. Mainstream refers to the music, songs and artists that are normally played on the radio and or television.

Some might say that hip-hop changed for the better, and some (like me) might disagree.  Everyone has their own opinion, but no one can argue against the fact that it has definitely changed.

It not only has changed, but constantly changes as time goes by.  A new style, vibe, feel, and sound to hip-hop comes along almost every decade.  The changes might not necessarily be the most obvious, but comparing old to new always gives one a better understanding.

The messages and meanings in the present hip-hop industry are also among the certain aspects that may differ from hip-hop from the past.

In the present mainstream hip-hop music that’s being played on the radio and music television channels, some artists aim for more of a party/club type song to dance to.  These type of songs are popular in today’s generation of hip-hop.  They aren’t necessarily popular because of the lyrics, but more so the some-what fast paced tempo and the dance style they display.

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