Afrika Bambaataa

Sean Wilson 2004, Afrika Bambaataa, Tokyo

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In 1982, an artist by the name of Afrika Bambaataa created a song by the name of Planet Rock. Soul Sonic Force is the name of the group featured in this song which consisted of Afrika Bambaataa, Jazzy Jay, Mr. Biggs, G.L.O.B.E., Whiz Kid and Pow Wow. This is a classic hip-hop song, mainly created for break dancing. This song is very inspirational to the hip hop culture as well as this specific style of dancing. I really like this song because of the message it gives to its listeners, the connections it gives trough African culture, and the positive influence it gave on the hip-hop culture.

Afrika Bambaataa is known as the godfather of hip-hop. He formed the group called Zulu Nation, which was his crew originally called “The Organization.” At first the group consisted of a break dance crew, but eventually there were emcees, DJs, and graffiti artists included.

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This song is more than just something to dance to. This song was for people to come together and have fun and create peace. In this video, there were many people of different races break dancing together. This shows how this song helped focus on dance and not color of skin. All these different people having fun dancing, break dancing, and battling, show a sense of diversity. Another reason this song is so diverse is because of the clothing the artists wear. They wear African clothing and colors and Native American feathers. This shows the connection with their African culture and understanding of Native American history.

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