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Con Funk Shun – Bio

Con Funk Shun

Con Funk Shun is a Funk & Soul band formed the early 70’s. The group was formed by Michael Cooper (vocalist/guitar) and Louis “Tony” McCall (drummer), along with Karl Fuller (trumpet), Paul “Maceo” Harrell (saxophone/flute), Dennis Johnson, Cedric Martin, and Danny “Sweet Man” Thomas. Felton Pilate (trombone/lead vocals) was the last to join the group. They all have been playing together since their high school days in the city of Vallejo, Ca.

Tony and Michael first started of playing as backup for a band called Soul Children. They were then known as Project Soul. They were working with the songwriters from Stax Records and this kicked of their career. Although they failed to gain the popularity they were seeking, they started recording songs at a studio in Memphis, TN called Audio Dimensions. They met Ted Sturges who was at the time the owner of the studio, and later became the group’s producer. He gave them the name “Con Funk Shun” which was the name of  an instrumental track from The Nine-Liters. Working in the studio with Sturges resulted in the group’s first album, “Organized Con Funk Shun.”

As they were recording for another album, they signed to Mercury where they stayed the remaining 10 years. They composed the smash hit “Ffun” in the late 70’s which was a tribute to the influential band “Brick”. At this time Micheal Cooper took the role of lead singer. Con Funk Shun was all about making fun party atmospheric songs, and even started recording instrumental funk tracks in the 80’s.

The group’s last album with Mercury was titled was recorded without Felton Pilate, who left the group in 1986 to become a producer. Micheal Cooper then left the group in the same year and began his solo career. The group picked up Melvin Carter who joined in place of Pilate.

The group came back together in the 90’s to perform at shows, county fairs and different venues all around the world. Still to this day you catch them in the Bay Area festivals performing in front of thousands of people.

English: E.Q. Young, bassist for the funk band...

Eric E.Q. Young is the group’s bass player who has been touring with the group for the past 10 years. They consider him as one of the original member of Con Funk Shun since he has been with them so long and was connected with them since they were up and coming.


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