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Bootsy Collins

Who is Bootsy Collins?

Bootsy Collins is a Funky bass player/artist from Cincinnati, Ohio. He first started of playing bass guitar when he was a child. He took bass strings off of a bass guitar and put them on a regular guitar because he didn’t have a bass to play. He formed a band with his brother Catfish and neighborhood friend Franky Waddy called The Pacemakers. They were noticed by James Brown one day just having a jam session until his band showed up. James liked them enough to keep them around in case he needed them, and luckily one night James flew the band out to Columbus, Georgia to play with him that same night. Bootsy, now 18 years old, was now the bass player of James Brown’s band.

He traveled all over with James Brown and even looked up to him as if he were his father. He learned how to play “on the one” style of bass, which is playing the same note consistently on the 1 count of the song’s rhythm.

After leaving the band in 1971 after almost a year, Bootsy formed a group called The House Guests. He then met George Clinton and became a part of Funkadelic due to the similar style of funk they played. His success with Funkadelic led him to lead a group of his own produced by George Clinton named Bootsy’s Rubber Band. During this time (mid 70’s) he began to song write as well as lead bass player. Bootsy is one of the first people to lead a band with bass guitar and has made an impact on many genres such as Soul, Funk, and even Hip Hop.


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A 90's baby with an old soul. A full time student, (Psychology) & (Public Relations) from the Bay Area, California. Played basketball and drums all my life, amateur guitarist. Big fan of Old-School Hip-Hop, Jazz, Funk & Soul music. I guess you can say I was born a few decades late.

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  1. Nice Work!

    I cited your work in my blog:

    I will definitely com back and read some more of your blogs. They cover allot of my musical heroes!

    Most of them were before the internet, so thanks for putting their work out there like this.

    Darrin Nomad Jackson

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